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The Foundation has the aim to spread the humanities, science, technology and arts, in particularly the promotion of environmental science with naturalistic and teaching purposes. The uniqueness and innovation proposals are the possibility to see and touch the evolution of plants, their growth and the effects that human intervention, correct and incorrect, can have on them, combining teaching with playfulness.
The plants should be studied with an experimental approach, through examples that nature provides. The relationship with nature must be taught and encouraged from an early age; this is one of the main activities of the Foundation.
Our educational program is addressed to schools, primary and secondary level, differentiating activities by age and themes. Imagine if the school day should begin  with an easy hike in the wood to discover the complex and varied ecosystem in which children could learn how to recognize the typical trees of your native area! Once the group reach the Alex Shigo Park the adventure goes on with a “botanic treasure hunt”: the children have to collect as many treasures as possible from the woods to prepare an herbarium to bring at home . With a lot of games and several thematic workshops, learning and recognition of different trees, by comparing the leaves, flowers and fruits will be stimulated, away from traditional classrooms, surrounded only by nature.
In the "teaching" page you will find all the details of our proposals.

Alex Shigo park will host courses and seminars for professionals or people interested in the field; already back in June the workshop "The tree, a new approach to biology and care of ornamental trees" was held aimed at engineers, administrators, students, enthusiasts and experts on the subject, involved in technical lectures but above all in practical activities, for the care of ornamental trees.
The participants have ventured into field assessments, dissections made by themselves, microscopic analysis, "touching" with hand the trees, examining each part of the anatomy of plants to understand,  the functions and physiology.

The “Casa del Sole” is also available for the organization of party, ceremonies and weddings, the structure and the park can be rented for the entire day or an evening spent in a unique natural environment.


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