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The Foundation
The Foundation “Casa del Sole”, established in December 2009, is a collaboration consisting the Council of Barasso, Dr. Daniele Zanzi, President of MAI (Modern Arboriculture Institute) and Mr Fernando Rossi.  Mr Fernando Rossi, a direct descendant of Leonida Rossi, originally constructed the Cologne Heliotherapy Marisa Rossi in 1935 but later donated it to the town council where it became the basis of the Foundation.

The property is situated within the Regional Park of Campo dei Fiore, near to the town of Barasso.  The estate consists of over 6000 square meters of parkland and is home to a traditional style Italian building.    For decades it has formed a landmark for the local community with its recreation centre and areas for children to congregate and play.

The objective of the Foundation is to create a centre to promote and spread knowledge of environmental sciences through informational, educational and cultural practices.  The park; ‘The Environmental Education Centre and Alex Shigo Modern Arboriculture Park’ is dedicated to the memory of Alex Shigo, a great American scientist who died recently.   Shigo was recognized worldwide as the ‘Father of Modern Arboriculture’ thus the Foundation aims for local, national and international recognition for the new centre.
Alex Shigo spent most of his life studying, dissecting and writing about trees.  He travelled to Italy on numerous occasions for seminars, conferences and social visits and features in Varese’s book of honoured and distinguished guests.  His love for Italy was such that in an interview he once said "I still have many ideas and projects and among these is an Institute for modern arboriculture through which my studies will continue.  I honestly think that this will be achievable in Italy, a Country that I appreciate and love so much."

The foundation aims to create a multi-functional centre to aid the spread of science and the life workings of Alex Shigo.  The park will be available to the public for recreational and educational activities along with a museum dedicated to material collected by Shigo throughout his life.



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